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All the brands in the world, producing incredible high end equippement!

VENUS IN PAIN, great guys, great music, big shows!

MOBSTAR for the nice time!

WISECRÄCKER-boys for that good times on stage with them!

family - respecting me and my music!

friends - for their helping hands and time I spend with them!

groupies - for nice conversations after the shows! *g

poststreetposse SANFRAN- for their friendchip and help after the 11 sept.!!!

musicians I played with, thanx!

g&b-Forum-boys - for help, informations and funny conversations!

my ex-girlfriends - who can´t stay so often by my site, cause of making music! Thank you so much for that good times! I love u all...

all other bands and persons and...
...erverybody like you, who likes my page!!!